HGH The Fountain of Youth

Are you yearning to find the ‘fountain of youth?’ What if we told you that we have the  secret to staying youthful – yes we have the fountain of youth – it’s called the human growth hormone or HGH.

When used under medical supervision HGH promotes all kinds of health benefits including increased sex drive, an increase in lean muscle mass, beautiful skin and hair, increased energy levels, improved memory, and so much more.

Clinical studies have shown that the human growth hormone helps you to burn body fat and it increases the blood flow to your vital organs leaving you feeling stronger, younger, and sexier. For those of you not familiar with what HGH actually is, it’s a larger protein based peptide hormone, also known as Somatrotropin, which is secreted from the pituitary gland. Since 1996 the ability to synthesize it in a lab has existed.

Who Needs HGH

If your native HGH production decreases, you may be a candidate for HGH therapy. The most common indicator of a reduction in HGH is IGF-1, which will fall when your HGH levels falls.

By the age of 30 you can expect to experience an HGH decrease. In fact, more than 90% of those over the age of 30 have a significant decrease.

By the age of 40 nearly 80% of your natural HGH will have disappeared, and by the age of 50 you will have lost 99% of your natural supply of HGH. This is why by age 40 signs of aging are clearly evident and by 50 we are losing muscle mass and gaining body fat.

IS HGH Safe?

There are all kinds of rumors around HGH, such as it causes cancer. This is not true and a 2002 study by Swerdlow Higgins, Adlard, and Preece showed no association between prostate and colon cancer and HGH.

Human Growth Hormone can’t influence cancer cells because the large HGH sized molecules aren’t able to dock with the receptor sites on cancer cells. Today, many post radiation and post chemo therapy cancer patients are given HGH therapy to help to restore muscle mass that was lost as a result of the cancer wasting.

What HGH Side Effects Occur When Dosage is too High?

Like everything we intake if it’s in excess it can be harmful. Even excess water can cause insipidus, a strange form of diabetes. When HGH doses are too high (100 to 1000 times recommended daily dose) they can lead t knee pain and other joint pain, swollen tendons in the writs and hands, and bone growth in the forehead. Side effects are a rarity.

How Soon Will I Notice the Effects From HGH

The hormones begin to work as soon as you start your HGH injections. However, it can take a couple of weeks for the changes to become apparent.

The first thing people report is an increase in energy and a decrease in the amount of sleep they need. They also notice an increase in libido, and around week six their physical strength and endurance is significantly improved. By month three you’ll experience an increase in muscle mass and a significant loss of fat.

Is HGH Considered a Steroid and is it Legal?

HGH is not a steroid and it is legal. However some sports regulatory bodies as well as the Olympic Committee don’t allow the use of HGH, because they believe those taking HGH have an unfair advantage. It is illegal to purchase HGH from an overseas suppliers or to import it across borders.

What Happens When I Stop Taking the HGH Supplement?

If you discontinue your HGH supplement the aging effects will resume at a normal rate, and the deterioration will continue at the normal aging rate.

Does HGH Relieve Fatigue?

HGH reduces fatigue and increases energy levels. This happens because HGH crosses the cell membrane of normal, healthy, cells. The HGH is carried by a special protein to the mitochondria, which is found deep in the cell’s center, where it will turn on the energy producing areas, within the ATP molecule. This is the fuel your cell runs on, which leads to more energy, and a more alert state.

Will I Have an Improved Sex Life With HGH Supplements?

In over 50% of adults treated with HGH replacement therapy, there is an increase in sex drive (libido) as well as an improvement in sexual performance. This is seen as positive for middle aged individuals and seniors suffering from performance failure or diminished libido.

Will I Grow Taller With HGH Supplements?

In children where the growth plate is still open and growing, HGH supplements can cause the child to grow taller. This doesn’t occur in adults.

The Importance of Diet With HGH

Look to the athletic world for evidence that there is a direct relationship between diet and the effects of HGH. A comparison between a famous international European cyclist, and one of Japan’s greatest SUMO wrestlers who were both using the same amount of HGH, is an excellent example.

While the SUMO wrestlers enormous girth and the cyclist’s sinewy build equally characterize two strong individuals, the fat mass of each athlete was significantly different while their strength and lean muscle mass remained constant with HGH therapy.

In this case, the variable was the diet. While the trim, super-strong cyclist ate only lean protein and complex carbohydrates, the Sumo wrestler ate supersaturated fatty Kobe beef accompanied by large portions of simple carbohydrates.

This model represented by the Sumo wrestler’s diet is comparable to that used by beef-producers for the commercial fattening of cattle in the US and in some other developed countries where Bovine Growth Hormone is used. This is not the model we recommend for humans using HGH. In contrast, the diet the cyclist followed while taking HGH supplementation for maintaining lean muscle mass without excessive weight gain.

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