Does HGH Nasal Spray Live Up to The Claims?

Can we live forever? For centuries man has been trying to answer this question. And while to date the answer is ‘no’ and the evidence clearly supports that, there is also evidence that supports that it isn’t nearly as far fetched as one might have thought. You may have even heard HGH referred to as ‘Life’s Holy Grail.’ Let’s explore a little further.

The Truth and the Myth Behind HGH

woman measuring waistThere’s really nothing mystical or magical behind HGH. Our pituitary gland produces HGH so there’s nothing secretive or foreign here. Sometimes we hear about HGH in such a negative light that we think it’s some foreign compound or steroid. Well, it’s not! What happens though is we hear a lot of negativity and so we think its all bad. There are different types of HGH supplements and that can be confusing too. There’s also a lot of false promises and over exaggeration that create a great deal of uncertainty and skepticism, and it should!

The result has also been a race to bring HGH supplements to market and not all HGH supplements are created equal. Some are bogus, some are barely effective, and some are very effective and produced by reputable companies. There seems to be a rush to bring HGH to the market in as many forms as possible all in the name of money, and recently one of those forms has been HGH nasal spray. Consumers, unknowingly are being convinced that this is a great alternative to a taking an HGH supplement. Actually, HGH nasal spray does not work and we will discuss this in more detail shortly.

 HGH Molecular Structure

HGH is a protein based structure produced by your pituitary gland. It is a complex 3D molecule made up of 191 amino acids that are found in a specific order and configuration. Amino acids are protein building blocks and living tissue. Because the link between some of the amino acids can be really weak it makes the HGH molecule highly susceptible to breakage. HGH is actually the largest hormone that is produced in the body with a molecular weight of 20,000. So if the HGH sprays actually contained HGH the body could not utilize it, and keep in mind it would also not be available without a prescription then.

HGH Nasal Spray – Analysis of the Delivery

Companies are in it to win it – make money! And sadly a number of them do this unscrupulously. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that a manufacturer came up with an HGH nasal spray to market to consumers. Worse they claimed it was actually more effective but cost less than HGH injections, which are FDA approved. No HGH supplements require HGH approval since they are considered dietary supplements.

To understand how ridiculous this claim is you need to understand the difference between supplements and injections. While the nasal spray is a spray it is still considered a supplement, which is why it does not require FDA approval. HGH injections are made of the actual HGH hormone and are only needed by those who have an extreme HGH depletion. HGH supplements are made up of ingredients that support the pituitary gland and help the body to produce more HGH naturally. The HGH nasal spray is a supplement and so therefore it cannot possibly be more potent than HGH injections. That’s the first discrepancy.

The second concern is simply that HGH nasal sprays do not do what they claim to do. Here’s why. When you use an HGH nasal spray you spray it involves this short burst of HGH produced that is sprayed into your nasal cavity. The theory is it will then be absorbed through the nose lining and pass directly into the blood stream, where it will then be carried to the necessary receptors.

There’s a problem with this theory. The HGH molecule is simply too large to pass through the lining of the nasal cavity, and this barrier issue has been proven through scientific research. In addition, the HGH product would be suspended in a liquid; however, science has already shown that when HGH is dissolved in a liquid solution the structural integrity is lost. The HGH must remain in the 3D configuration for it to correctly interact with the body’s receptor sites. If the HGH molecule shape is changed at all, which it is when it is dissolved in the liquid, the molecule is no longer accepted by the receptor sites making this product ineffective.

The manufacturers of these products have applied unjustifiable analysis. Do not confuse HGH nasal spray with HGH Releaser oral spray like the Sytropin, which combine numerous HGH components that will help the body produce more HGH on its own.

Always take the time to find out about any HGH product you are considering using. Learn what the advantages are and what the disadvantages are, before you make your final decision. There are a number or excellent HGH supplements on the market that require no prescription because they are dietary supplements, and these can offer many benefits. For a list of HGH benefits read more here!

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4 thoughts on “Does HGH Nasal Spray Live Up to The Claims?

  1. I was kind of excited when I saw that HGH was available in a nasal spray form. After reading your post, I am not so sure about it any more. Thank you for the information.

  2. I just got my flu shot as a nasal spray, so I am sure the hgh spray has to be very effective as well if doctors trust that method of delivery.

  3. I have an aversion to needles, and I have wanted to try human grown hormones as a more natural form of weight control and as part of my body building regime. I think HGH in a nasal spray will be just the ticket.

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