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What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Resveratrol?

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Resveratrol Side Effects

With all the attention Resveratrol has been getting in the news lately, it’s understandable that many people are wondering about Resveratrol side effects. Red Grapes

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in red grapes (and therefore also in red wine), certain nuts, and chocolate (dark chocolate contains more of it than milk chocolate.) This compound has been found to have amazing antioxidant and life-extending properties in mice and fish. For example, mice with tumors that were exposed to Resveratrol experienced a marked decline in the size and number of tumors, and in a study with fish who live for an average of nine weeks, fish who were given high doses of Resveratrol were strong and healthy at nine weeks, as though they were in the prime of life. Fish in the study who did not receive Resveratrol were dying of old age at nine weeks.

Obviously the discovery that Resveratrol could greatly extend a healthy lifespan in fish (and the fact that it seemed like a possible cancer treatment as well) caused great excitement, and human trials began.

What Can Resveratrol Do?

When researchers began investigating the effects of Resveratrol, they discovered that it had remarkable blood sugar stabilizing properties. In both diabetics and non-diabetics, regular doses of Resveratrol decreased both the number of episodes and severity of both blood sugar highs and blood sugar lows. Apparently this works because Resveratrol affects chemicals in the brain that are responsible for keeping blood sugar in check.

Prevents Stroke and Heart Disease

It was also found that Resveratrol, when taken in the right doses, is effective at preventing stroke and heart disease. This is the research behind the popular advice found in many newspapers and magazines that suggest drinking a glass of red wine a day in order to prevent these ailments (since Resveratrol is found in red wine.) Unfortunately, the amount of Resveratrol found in red wine is not enough to really achieve the beneficial effects, which is why a high purity supplement is the way to go when you’re trying to get Resveratrol into your system.

Protects Against the Results of a High Fat Diet

Another beneficial effect of Resveratrol is that it can protect against a high calorie, high fat diet. Mice that were fed large amounts of extra fat calories and given time to develop conditions like obesity, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure, were given high doses of Resveratrol, which reversed these conditions, even as the high fat diet continued. If these results hold true in humans, Resveratrol might be the “wonder weight loss drug” that everyone has been looking for.

Side Effects of Resveratrol

Most medications and supplements that are taken to improve health have a chance of causing unwanted side effects. Numerous side effects of Resveratrol have been reported, although most of them either diminish or completely subside when a high quality, high purity supplement is taken.


Diarrhea has been reported as a side effect of Resveratrol, but not by people taking supplements with purities of over 95%. It seems then, that the diarrhea might be due to other ingredients in a low quality supplement, rather than the Resveratrol itself. For example, Resveratrol supplements made from Japanese knotweed ususally contain high amounts of emodin, a substance known to cause diarrhea. Emodin-free supplements are superior if you are looking to prevent this side effect.

Blood Thinning

Resveratrol has some blood thinning properties, which means that anyone who is already taking a medication that thins the blood should not take Resveratrol without a recommendation from his or her doctor. When blood is unable to clot, minor cuts and bruises may turn into something much more serious. It is important to keep track of blood thinning medications and supplements.


Some users of Resveratrol report the onset of headaches when they begin taking the supplement. These headaches usually decrease in severity or disappear after a couple of weeks on the supplement, although they may linger in some people. Be careful of taking over the counter painkillers like Aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil while taking Resveratrol, as these medications have blood-thinning properties.

Trouble Falling Asleep

In the first two weeks of taking Resveratrol, some individuals may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. It seems to strike randomly, and may be accompanied by anxiety. It is not known why this side effect occurs in a small percentage of users, nor why it seems to disappear so quickly. If you have a history of insomnia, it's best to avoid supplements that are blended with caffeine (as many anti-aging and weight-loss supplements are.)

Joint Pain

Taking extremely high doses of Resveratrol may result in joint pain. It has been reported that lowering the dose can result in the disappearance of this side effect of Resveratrol. It is important to seek medical advice and make sure the correct dose is taken, because high doses are needed to achieve the beneficial effects, but doses that are too high may result in unpleasant joint pain or tendonitis.

Resveratrol has the potential to help many people lose weight, control blood sugar, and live longer, but there are also numerous potential side effects. It’s best to consult with a medical professional to figure out the best dose for your body and situation, and remember not to mix supplements with prescription medications unless you get your doctor’s approval.


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